Cooling Sense™

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💧 Withstand the hot weather expected all summer long in Australia with Cooling SENSE.

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Discover The Anti-Humidity Cooling Technology


Ideal to refresh you durably. Cooling SENSE and its filter-condenser cooling system transform the hot ambient air into a cool breeze through 2 separate tanks.  

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Fast Air Cooling


Up to -9°C depending on temperature, room and humidity. 2 cooling modes integrated: Cool & Fog. Pour ice into the tank with Cooling ICE for better results. 

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Dual Tank


Leak-proof, a full 700mL water tank can withstand 6 hours of refrigeration. The second tank (not to be filled) collects the condensed water generated during the cooling process. It is then evaporated and ventilated to obtain fresh air. 


Cooling SENSE automatically switches to natural wind mode when tank is empty.

When the water level is high in the bottom tank, drain through the plug at the back


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2 Versions (Tactile or Remote)


Press the touch button ON for 3 seconds to turn on the mini air conditioner. Or control your air conditioner with the remote version.   


4 Speeds


Night wind, natural, strong or dynamic. 10W power which is a low energy consumption compared to a conventional air conditioner.


USB Type-C Charging


Wide choice of power supplyUse a laptop, a power outlet with USB port or via the external battery Generator for outdoor use (handy when outside).

Large Space Coverage (≃ 25m²)


Living room, bedrooms, kitchen, office, camping... Order enough for each of your rooms: an advantageous quantity discount is currently available above. 


Handheld & Nomadic


Easy to carry thanks to its leather handle. Far from the clutter that an air conditioner could lead, take Cooling SENSE with you everywhere. For a 100% nomadic use, there is Generator our external battery.

Ideal Night Companion

Calm atmosphere, Cooling SENSE is pretty quiet. Also a 7 LED night light is integrated and a timer from 2 to 8 hours will accompany your sleep.


Your air conditioner won't cost you AU $800 anymore, as a classic one would.

And with Cooling SENSE™ no more bulky, noisy fans.




✔️ Very quiet

✔️ Express delivery 3 days

✔️ Economic

✔️ Freshness

✔️ Handheld

  • 900g approx.
  • 30dB / 700mL max.
  • DC 12V waterproof motor
  • USB 5V / 1,5A



Due to a very high demand, we advise you to order as long as the item is available (we limit the orders to 4 items maximum per person). For more quantities, please contact support.

by Cold Sense
AU $165.90 AU $149.90