Cold Sense MINI™ - Mini Mist Air Cooler

by Cold Sense
AU $49.90

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No more heat and perspiration with Cold Sense MINI, the built-in natural mist fan. The pocket fan to take everywhere with you, in this summer that promises to be very hot everywhere in Australia.  


Color depends on stock (white or blue)


     Fast and long-lasting refreshment

     Integrated water tank

     Ultra portable


ventilateur climatisateur pas cher    3 gears

    Healthy and natural mist

PRISE COOL SUMMER     USB power supply, low power consumption

    High charge life



Fan function + fogger function thanks to its integrated 20 ml water tank. Effective, instant and long-lasting cooling. For a natural and healthy misting.

mini ventilateur brumisateur

Up to 8 hours of autonomy. Enough to spend the day in a cool place.

Quiet speed motor. 197 x 105 x 43mm.



by Cold Sense
AU $49.90